You may have heard about a virtual or online personal assistant at some point in your career and you probably have some questions and concerns, maybe even interest. Traditionally, a personal assistant is someone who works in an office and performs the day to day tasks needed by an executive or supervisor. In today’s web-based world, assistants no longer have to work in the office under the direct supervision of their employer.

Virtual assistants are people who perform the administrative tasks of a secretary or personal assistant while working remotely. This means that you are hiring someone to be your personal assistant whom you may never meet face to face. Most virtual assistants work from home and are freelancers who work for themselves, or who work for a company that provides virtual assistants. If you have never had a personal assistant, you will be amazed at the sheer amount of time that an assistant can cut off of your busy work week.

Assistants can perform a variety of tasks that you need completed, such as data entry, scheduling appointments, corresponding via email both incoming and outgoing, as well as making and answering phone calls.

When considering whether or not to hire an online personal assistant, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of tasks you need to have accomplished. Different virtual assistants specialize in different things and it is possible to hire one who has experience in a specific niche that you are looking for. For example, some specialize in bookkeeping, while others specialize in data entry.

A personal assistant who is great at online research and creating presentations may lack the people skills necessary to perform social outreach tasks or answering client phone calls. Another great advantage to seeking out a personal assistant is that online freelancers often work for less than what you would need to pay a personal assistant who works on site. Instead of having to pay at least minimum wage, you can find a virtual assistant who accepts pay on a fixed price budget, or for extremely low hourly rates. Part of this is due to the fact that working from home does not require travel or commuting and often does not necessitate child care costs.

Many assistants are willing to work for less pay in order to work from the comfortable environment of their home. What this means for you and your business is that it’s quite possible to hire several virtual assistants who specialize in various tasks for the same cost of hiring an assistant who would work on site. Not only does this allow you to save money, but it also means that with the help of your virtual assistants you and your company can get a lot more done in a lot less time.

There are many websites that can connect companies with their contracted virtual assistants, and many other websites that can connect businesses with freelancers. If you are interested in having an assistant who can complete a variety of tasks for your business, hiring an online personal assistant is the way to go.