If you are in the real estate business you may find yourself in need of a real estate assistant. However, you may be unsure of what exactly an unlicensed assistant is qualified to do. Likewise if you are interested in getting into the real estate business, you may be interested in becoming an assistant to learn the ropes and gain experience before attempting to become a licensed real estate agent. In the simplest of terms, an assistant in the real estate industry is someone who helps a licensed real estate agent with the day to day workings of the real estate industry. Different states have different laws that state what an unlicensed assistant can do.

This article will give a general overview of the typical tasks that an assistant is able to do which should give you a better understanding of whether or not an assistant is right for you, or if becoming an assistant is the correct job for you. Before making this decision, however, it will be beneficial to check your state laws to determine the exact responsibilities that an assistant can perform in your state.

real estate assistant


The average unlicensed assistant to a real estate agent can perform a variety of the following tasks: Create and publish advertisements for the company, take real estate signs and position them at the correct locations, gather and organize all relevant information and documentation for a closing, make phone calls on behalf of the agent such as those to collect rent, deliver important paperwork and keys, place orders for materials that the company requires, supervise work on properties, and post real estate listings.

Assistants can also perform maintenance, answer calls and take messages, gather information and public records, have keys created, deposit money for the agent or company, gather responses and reactions on showings, do the bookkeeping for the agent or company, and contact buyers following the signing of a contract. Many assistants also complete forms on behalf of an agent, monitor the files and licenses of the employees of the company, answer questions, meet the needs of clients, and accomplish the necessary clerical duties that the company requires. If you are a real estate agent, having an assistant can be an absolute lifesaver. The real estate business is incredibly competitive and it is important to work continuously to stay at the top of the game. Having an assistant who can serve you and your business by providing these tasks can ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

real estate assistant


An assistant is essentially the right hand man of the agent. They are there to ensure that all necessary paperwork is filled out and organized, that all appointments have been made, and that all of the clients are happy. Likewise, if an individual is interested in becoming a real estate agent, first becoming an assistant is a fantastic and manageable way to enter the industry and learn from the professionals. Not only will this provide incredible knowledge and experience, it can also lead to references and job opportunities once you become licensed as an agent. In sum, a real estate assistant works for a real estate agent or company and provides them with a variety of important tasks to keep the business running smoothly.