In order to determine whether or not you or your business would benefit from the use of transcription services, first we must examine what transcription is. Transcription, when speaking in terms of the linguistics and business realm, is the process whereby the spoken word is put into a permanent medium, such as handwritten or typed into an electronic document.

This can be done by hearing the original speech in person and transcribing in real time, or through a recording that is played back at a later date. Transcription allows for spoken information to be stored in a much more permanent and easily shared manner.

One problem that many businesses face is that they have offices and employees located in various locations. Because of this, some employees may not be present for important meetings or instructions. While conference calls can be helpful, often important details can be lost in translation due to the fast paced nature of verbal conversations. There are also times in which employees may simply be unable to be present, whether in person or on the phone.

Transcription Services

While they may be able to be filled in on the key points of the conversation, ultimately it would be infinitely better if they could have a written transcript of the entire conversation.This can also be incredibly handy for the employees who attended the meeting. Having a written document of the entire conversation makes it simple to refer to what was said and garner a more complete understanding of the facts and ideas presented.

Transcription is a pertinent tool in many industries, such as the criminal justice sector, the medical industry, Human Resources, government agencies, the writing industry, and corporations. Various examples of transcriptions in these industries include transcribed speeches, interviews, medical notes, dictated books, and meetings. While transcription used to be a difficult job, today’s technology makes it relatively easy to bring verbal communication to a written form. Recordings on tape recorders, computers, and even cell phones can be quickly uploaded onto the internet and shared with a transcriber in a matter of minutes.

Transcription no longer requires that a secretary be present in the room, rapidly transcribing the conversation into various degrees of shorthand which may look like gibberish to the common eye.This is where transcription services come in. These are companies that specialize in transcription and quickly taking speech and turning it into written documents. Once the verbal material has been recorded, it can be sent off to these professionals who will ensure that the material is transcribed correctly, with no or very few errors.

Transcription Services

These services have proven to be an invaluable asset to many industries and allow businesses to have solid documentation of important information, focus on the everyday tasks of their company, and pay for transcription on an as-needed basis without having to pay an individual to transcribe in person.

Every business and company could benefit from having their important conversations in written and electronic form, providing verification of conversations and transactions, as well as providing a reference point to review in the future. It is therefore extremely beneficial for businesses to utilize professional transcription services.