As a business person you are probably familiar with telemarketing services, but maybe you have questions or concerns about them before attempting to add them into your business plan. Telemarketing is a process through which marketing occurs over the telephone in an attempt to garner sales or build a client base.

Telemarketing is generally done by a representative over the phone; however, with increases in technology telemarketing has expanded to also include web based calls as well. Additionally, telemarketing may include a pre-recorded message rather than a live person making a call. Telemarketing also has several subcategories. These include: lead generation, sales and marketing, inbound, and outbound. As discussed in previous articles, lead generation is a process in which contacts and networks are created in order to build awareness and establish a pre-determined goal. The use of telemarketing to create these leads is often very business savvy and fruitful.

Telemarketing Services

Outbound telemarketing describes calling existing clients or potential clients, also known as cold-calling. Outbound telemarketing is most commonly used in order to create sales or attempt to collect a payment or debt.

Inbound telemarketing occurs when incoming calls are answered, generally from customers attempting to make a payment, make a purchase, or ask questions. While telemarketing can be done from your company, it is commonly done from a business that specializes in it, known as a call center. Additionally, telemarketing can also be done by freelancers working from home.

            If you feel as though your business could benefit from the use of telemarketing, it would be wise to look into telemarketing services. These are companies and businesses that specialize in telemarketing and who often handle the inbound and outbound calls for other businesses. For example, many companies outsource their accounts payable and receivable departments to call centers who handle all of their customer payments and debt collection.

Additionally, these businesses create an attractive and appropriate marketing plan for your company and implement it through a series of phone calls. Telemarketing generally uses one call to gather information about a customer’s buying habits or needs, and subsequent calls in an attempt to make a sale with the customer. Telemarketing companies can also be utilized for awareness or political campaigns in an attempt to reach out to a large number of people and spread awareness for a particular cause and gather donations.

These companies can also handle survey calls, in which the goal is to collect information from the customer. Rather than spending the time, resources, and manpower attempting to begin telemarketing on your own and running the risk of violating laws, upsetting customers, and ultimately tarnishing the reputation of your business or company name, it’s best to outsource your telemarketing needs to professionals. This ensures that you can spend time focusing on running your business, without having to worry about creating an elaborate marketing strategy or spending the day making or answering telephone calls. Outsourcing your marketing or inbound or outbound needs to telemarketing services is a very wise decision for your business.