Virtual assistant salary is determined by many factors. It is therefore not constant and really depends on how the Vas is able to negotiate. Here are important things to know about VA salaries.

Factors That Determine Virtual Assistant Salary

  • Services offered: Services such as programming and web design attract higher salaries than general office work.
  • Location of the Virtual assistant – Virtual assistants in the US or UK demand higher salaries than those in Kenya.
  • Type of Client – Startup generally offer low salaries than established businesses.
  • Skill level- a virtual assistant with a college degree will demand higher salary than other VAs.
  • Experience – Clients tend to pay more for experienced VAs that those starting up.

Virtual Assistant Salary: Charging Methods

There are two methods that are used when charging clients as a virtual assistant:

  • Hourly rates- this is obviously where you are paid per hour of work done.
  • Per project- here the client gives you a project to evaluate and determine how much you want to charge them. The two of you negotiate and until you come to an agreed package.

How to Increase Your Virtual Assistant Salary

As a virtual assistant, you want to earn more to live a comfortable life. Earning more does not just happen; you have to work at it. As you start, you may need to charge less so as to build a client base and gain experience.

Virtual Assistant Salary

To increase your salary, you must first master your art. Take time when doing your tasks and do them perfectly. When you offer value for money, your pay will rise as the employer will want to retain you.

Your salary increases when you become indispensable in the company or client you work for. Being indispensable means, that your clients believes and trusts your skills so much they cannot do without you. Thought of losing you, tortures their mind and can literally pay you whatever amount to keep in the company. In fact, when you become indispensable most client can offer you a share of the profit or company just to retain you.

Increase your Visibility

This simply means you market yourself. Scream out loud about the skills and experience that you have earned over the years. Share your portfolio and a list of companies and businesses you have worked for. There is always a client who will like your credentials and is willing to pay a higher salary.

Specialize on One Skill

You may have many skills but select one you are really good at and market it. Specialization also may mean working with a certain kind of client say accountant or lawyers. It is advisable to start specialization early in your virtual assistant career as part of long term branding.

Upgrade your Skills

You cannot stop learning as a virtual assistant. There is always new knowledge and skills that you need to learn about. For instance, Windows 8 is now being replaced by windows 10. If you use these tools as virtual assistant, you need to upgrade your skills. This is the only way to avoid extinction and increase your virtual assistant salary.