Research has shown that search engines: Google, Bing or Yahoo place high value on virtual assistant reviews. In other words, search engines put much weight on online reviews when deciding which business ranks higher than the other.

This in essence means that if people review your work more, you will rank higher than your competitors. And what’s more, it does not matter if the reviews are positive or negative. However, positive reviews should be your target.

How to get more Virtual Assistant Reviews

Reviews should be embraced

Most VAs are skeptical of online reviews and especially the negative ones. You should by all means embrace reviews, if for nothing else, to use them to improve your services. Keep in mind that customers review your business whether you want it or not.

It is just natural for a human being to tell a service provider about the services provided. Therefore, embrace online reviews and make it easy to be reviewed.

Ask for Virtual Assistant Reviews

Reviews, whether online or offline, are here to stay. And, there is nothing you can do about it. You should therefore go out of your way to ask for clients to review your work. This way, you will be able to improve your products and services. Do not be scared of negative reviews, these can be managed professionally.

Virtual Assistant Reviews

Automate your Virtual Assistant Reviews platform

Automation makes it easy to be reviewed. And point of service ‘points’ like electronic receipt and emails and newsletters sent to customers are the best places to ask for reviews. In fact, graphic ‘screening’ requests for reviews are important. Ideally, at the end of every engagement with a customer, you should to be reviewed. And most customers are glad to do that especially if the really like or strongly dislike your services.

Use negative Virtual Assistant Reviews to your Advantage

In showbiz they say, “All publicity is good publicity”. In essence, this statement means that even bad publicity can be converted to good use. In the case of reviews, even bad reviews can be put to good use. Just by responding to it, you show the disgruntled customer and others that you care.

Never lose sight of the fact that even the best companies in the world get negative reviews. And that, even if you provided the best quality services, you would still get bad reviews once in a while. Therefore, your aim should be to delete the negative comment, but respond to the issues raised by the customer. Negative reviews are good; they the positive ones look real.

Synchronize your Reviews

In the world of the internet, reviews can be received from different platforms. They may come from your email, blogs, or website. It is your job to synchronize them so that they tell the same story. The next time a client tell you something nice about your services on phone, do not shy away from asking them to write it down on your website. Bottom line: You must embrace virtual assistant reviews and use them to grow your business.