As a virtual assistant, you probably think that since you work home, a virtual assistant resume is not important. Far from it, you need a resume that shows your strengths to your clients. Here are some of the importances of writing a resume.

Benefits of Virtual Assistant Resume

A good resume will not guarantee you the job, but it will give that important interview. Poorly written resume will guarantee that you do not get interview. In short, a resume gives you the upper hand in getting the interview and consequently, the job.

Good resume shows your strengths. It literally screams your strengths to the employer. This is important since in there are so many virtual assistants applying for the same job as you are.

Virtual Assistant Resume

It brings out your experience. In every job description you read, there is always emphasis on experience. Your well-written resume highlights this to your job experience to the employer. Even if you do not meet the experience threshold, your resume will highlight what complements the lack of experience.

How not to write a Virtual Assistant Resume

It is pretty easy to guess what the resume you have been using reads like. Most likely, it has the following headings:

  • Objectives
  • Highlights
  • Work experience
  • Summary

The above list of headings is not only boring but has been used by job seekers and virtual assistants as well. A resume like the above will often get skipped by the best employers.

Let your Virtual Assistant Resume show your skills

Your resume should highlight your strengths. Employers want to hire you because of your skills. Even if you are not experienced enough, scream about your skills. To do this, you need to read the job description of the job you are applying and understand it. This way, you are sure of what the employer wants and you are able to emphasize it. In other words, avoid sending resumes that are not tailor-made for the specific job you are applying.

Avoid errors in your resume

Errors however small show the employer that you are not keen to detail. Read your resume forward, backward, upwards and sideways; literally, make sure it is error free. And do not rely only on your spellchecker; it is only able to catch misspelled words and not the inappropriately used words. The error in your resume could be the reason you have not been catching the eye of employers.

Add value to the employer

Employers are not philanthropists; they are in the business of making money.  Therefore, you should show the employer how you will add value to their business. Show them that you are a worthwhile and they will recoup the investment they put in you. Use all the proof at your disposal to the client that you are reliable – your skill and work experience are useful here.

Brand your resume

Your heading should be something like “virtual assistant with 5 years experience”. This is what is called branding your virtual assistant resume and it helps in getting the reader’s attention.