If you want to make more money, you should create virtual assistant packages that add value. Just like in other tangible goods, it is all usually in the package. If you see yourself as a product and package yourself appropriately, you will be perceived as being of high value and be paid more. Here is how to create valuable VA packages.

Virtual assistant Packages: Trading time for $

Most virtual assistants sell their time for money. While this model is good, it brings forth difficulties when you want to scale your business. This is because your income is directly proportional to the time you put in a day. If you work for 1 hour, you get one hour’s pay. And what more, there are only 24 hours in a day and you cannot work for 24 hours.

Virtual Assistant Packages

Developing Virtual Assistant Packages

Know the real reason why clients want your services. Keep in mind that clients are not always able to tell you what they really want. Often, it is because they do not know or they simply do not want to show their ignorance. Therefore, it is upon you to decipher the real reason the clients are interested in your services. Here are important leads:

  • If a client say that they need a new logo, deep down they mean they need a new and more professional look.
  • If a client says that they need their database redone, it means the cost of maintaining the current one is too high and is inefficient.
  • If a customer wants their website redone, it is because the current one is not delivering the initial promise.

 Virtual Assistant Packages: What Solutions can you offer?

For the previous paragraph, you now know what the customer really needs from you. It is at this point that you begin to explain what you can do to sort out their problem. By doing this, you not only add value to the customer but you also sound and look wise. This can be attributed to the fact that the client thinks read their mind to decipher what is in their mind and offer solution.

Package your Services

After dealing with several clients, you can now develop a package based on what is popular in your niche. The packages should be easily identifiable by clients and also affordable. Keep in mind that the needs of customers are dynamic. What a customer demanded last year is not what they want today. Therefore, your packages should be refreshed regularly to reflect what is in demand now.

Consistently Deliver Quality

The customer is king. This should be your motto as you develop your package. Every time you encounter win a client, your aim should be ensure they are impressed by your job. Anything short of great customer experience put your business in jeopardy.

The Bottom Line

Waiting for request from clients is great but myopic. Your aim should be to go out there and develop virtual assistant packages that meet your clientele needs.