Do you consider yourself a virtual administrator that’s too busy? Being a virtual assistant can definitely be hard work, especially if you work for a very busy boss. If that’s the case, it really can be easy to lose your way with all the tasks your boss might be dumping on you; from simple jobs like arranging your boss’ schedule for the year to more tedious jobs like sorting hundreds of e-mail and arranging them by priority. If what I just described sounds like you, don’t fret because being “too busy” is a simple problem that can be fixed by following a few simple tips I’ll be giving you in this article.

A Virtual Administrator Should Know What to Prioritize

One great way for VAs to avoid being too busy is by making a list of the jobs for your client and arrange them according to importance. Put the more important jobs first on your to-do list. When you finish one task on the list, you move on to the next. Organizing a list this way can help you create a clear mindset of where and how you want your work day to go. Following an itinerary can help you focus on each task separately. Do your best to avoid multitasking as it greatly lessens the quality of work you can put out for each task you do.

A Virtual Administrator Should Manage Time Well

Procrastination is the biggest sin that everyone can make, and virtual admins are no exception to that. Yes, it can be very tempting to work on jobs assigned to you at the last minute to make the most out of your possible down time, but keep in mind that if you want to provide high quality work, you have to spend a good amount of time actually working on your tasks. It’s also not a good idea to do your assigned tasks right away to try and finish them as soon as possible. It has the same principle as cramming and it hurts your overall performance. Try distributing your tasks during your week to create a work schedule with a good balance between work and rest. Too much of only one of these will hurt your overall performance, and it can even cost you your job if you aren’t careful. Remember “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

A Virtual Administrator Can Say No

Despite being an employee, you still have your limits as a human being. When you know that you already have more than enough tasks you can handle for your client, learn how to say no the right way. Being overzealous with your work won’t get your career as a virtual admin anywhere and it will definitely hurt your overall performance of the job in the long run. Doing too much for your boss all at once may not only ruin the quality of your output; one mistake can send a company’s worth reeling towards the bottom of the online marketing pile, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Learning how much work you can handle within the span of a certain amount of time will help you in properly keeping your boss and clients happy.

Virtual Administrator

Being a virtual admin can be one hell of a hectic job for a lot of people, and it can make or break a person’s career if done a certain way. Just remember to keep the tips I gave you in mind every time you work, and I swear to you that being a virtual administrator will be easier than before.