Video SEO Marketing is the one of the most effective tools online marketers can use to increase sales, improve the quality of their leads, and heighten brand awareness for their company. Study shows that a person’s attention span only lasts less than four seconds when on a website compared to at least 2.7 minutes when watching a video. People like to be entertained, and for a lot of people, reading when they’re on the internet isn’t really entertaining. Videos are entertaining. It gets more attention than the usual print ads. Video is really powerful, and a lot of business owners are finally seeing the importance of learning how to effectively utilize videos for online marketing. If you want to keep up with your competitors, you also have to learn how you can use video to improve your SEO marketing effort. Here’s a no-nonsense guide to help you create a great video SEO marketing campaign.


A Good Video SEO Marketing Strategy Focuses on Quality

Before we start talking about how you can get people to watch the videos you make, we need to focus on helping you make videos that are worth watching. If the videos that you’re making have really low video quality, really poor sound quality, and/or really bad script writing, you can forget about keeping your audience for 2.7 minutes. You have to be proud of the videos that you’re making. So you have to give yourself a chance to pique your audience’s interest. Remember, information on the internet can spread like wildfire, and if word gets out that you’re making lousy video content, you’ll lose more than you’ll gain.

Social Media Plays a Role in Video SEO Marketing

Once you’ve figured out how to create high quality video content, the next step for you to take is to incorporate social media in the marketing plan. If you’re video content is really engaging and attention grabbing, your audience will definitely want to let you know. By incorporating social media into your video SEO marketing plan, you give your audience the ability to let you know that they liked your video content. Encourage your audience to share your content on social media. Give them a few incentives here and there for their efforts. Remember, you’re doing this to get their attention and keep it long term. Like I alluded to above, word of mouth plays a big role in online marketing. If you want to optimize your video content, you need to create a social media buzz around it.

Optimizing Your Script Helps Your Video SEO Marketing Effort

Despite the fact that you’re creating video content, keywords still play a major role in optimizing your content. Google still reads the words you use to describe your video content to know what it’s about. So it’s always a positive to use exact keywords to describe your content.

Google also reads the transcripts of your videos so make sure you make a script for your video that involves saying the keywords in it. Saying your keywords earlier in the video is always a plus.

Video marketing is a vast industry filled with limitless opportunities for business owners to take advantage of. You should experience the benefits of video marketing first hand to see what I’m talking about. Because when done right, Video SEO Marketing will not only boost your traffic, it will improve your page ranking, and it will also help your business increase its sales.