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How much does VA Philippines Charge?

All of our services for hourly projects are now from $10 – $4 per hour and this is our permanent rate to all of our services.

What’s the difference between Hourly and Fixed-Price Projects?

Hourly projects are secure and flexible. We send our output report only after your payment are settled, but to be sure of our work you will be able to access our work diary anytime you want. You can even check our work activity if its high and very active or low and less work activity.We do this process for security purposes of our worker because we have experienced not getting paid after sending the work before.

Fixed-price projects let you negotiate a flat rate and set up a payment plan with your freelancer, who will probably request a portion of their fee upfront.

How do I find the right freelancer for my project?

Finding a right Freelancer for your web project is the hardest part of all. You’ll need to find a trusted and loyal worker. Here in VA Philippines we assure you an excellent experience and give you more than what you have paid for. And also expert to have a return of investment in the future once you hire us.

How often do we submit Reports for Hourly and Fixed Prices?

Our team assures you to that we submit our report within the deadlines and well organized via spread sheet. For hourly, we will submit our reports on what has been done weekly depending on the task given. For Fixed Projects, we submit an overall report once the project is complete.

What does VA Philippines Guarantee?

With our trained & experienced staff members, we assure all our clients that we provide good quality services. We guarantee cost effective results and build good relationships to all of our clients.

What Software we used on Hourly Project?

VA Philippines guarantees you will only pay for hours actually worked. We use Virtual Assistant Philippines Time Task. check it here It’s perfect for Project Management, Time Tracking and Online Invoicing. Giving you visibility into project progress and accurately tracking time spent.

Can you Guarantee number 1 Position in Search Engines?

YES!! We can guarantee you #1 position in search engines. It can take anywhere between three weeks to six months or even up to 1 year. If someone guarantees you #1 position in quick fix results; please be wary of any spamming techniques. These techniques may get your site permanently banned. Generally, the catch here is that the SEO firm chooses the keywords. There’s no point in getting # 1 position for some obscure term which nobody searches for.

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