Virtual data entry is a very simple job, thus, it is often looked down on in the online community. It’s sad to say however that those who look down on data entry don’t know what they’re missing. Data entry really pays well, considering the fact that it’s a “simple” job. And just to prove this point, we’ve compiled a list of different typist jobs with salaries that can match most salaries of other orthodox jobs that can make you say “Really? They pay people for work like this?” Another great thing about data encoder  jobs is the fact that you can do them even when you’re at home. No need to spend money to get yourself to the office, because all you need to do to get to work is to open your desktop/laptop or maybe even your phone and you’re ready to work. With that being said, here are some surprisingly good paying data processor jobs.

Virtual Data Entry Jobs

Virtual Data Entry Jobs: Audio/Video transcriptionist

Have you thought about who makes all the subtitles and the closed captions you see on different media platforms? How about the transcripts of all kinds of audio recordings like song lyrics, interviews, and speeches? That’s what Audio/Video transcribing is all about. In other cases, transcriptionists are also hired to write transcripts of statements from court hearings and voice-recorded reports of physicians and other healthcare professionals. Yes, people pay some serious money for that kind of work. People in this line of data entry work really need to have good hearing and a better grasp on proper English grammar to properly be able to hear audio properly.

Virtual Data Entry Jobs: Blog Writing

Blog writing is surprisingly one of the biggest typists job that an individual can get this day and age, and it’s great to hear that it is one of the more common jobs online freelancers can get. The great thing about being a blog writer is that you gain flexibility in choosing what you want to write about. A lot of business owners are willing to pay really good writers salaries way above the minimum wage. The online marketing industry’s biggest priority nowadays is high quality content and what better way to get that than to seek the services of professional blog writers, right?

Virtual Data Entry Jobs: Search Engine Optimizer

A search engine optimizing job is another data acquisition job that is high in demand nowadays. In this form of data transcriber, writers are tasked with creating content and high quality back links for websites of businesses that need help in increasing their page ranking. This is also the reason why most blog writers often double as search engine optimizers. The online marketing industry is such a busy community. Most business owners often don’t have enough time to do a task as tedious as data acquisition. Plus, the internet is huge place filled with all kinds of people from all over the world, and not everyone in this community has a good grasp on the English language. This is why a lot of people are willing to spend a lot of money just to create good quality content.

Yes, virtual data entry jobs may be a simple typing work to some, but it’s a job that plays a huge role, not just in the online community, but the real world as well.