If you have been trying to promote a business or gather a following online, you may be wondering why your social media strategy hasn’t been working. There are many possible answers to that question, and it can vary from person to person and business to business.

Ultimately, however, if you aren’t generating subscribers, starting conversation, or generating revenue then your plan probably isn’t working. Once you have established that, it’s time to figure out where exactly you are going wrong.

What is Wrong With Your Social Media Strategy?

You may have a lot of followers, a plethora of posts, and a great looking social media platform. Unfortunately that does not mean that your strategy is working. A few of the most common reasons that your plan isn’t going the way that you expected are: conflicting values, lack of consistency, treating all media outlets alike, not engaging, providing boring content, and not following through.

What Does That Mean For My Social Media Strategy?

These qualities may seem very ambiguous, but they can easily be broken down. If the beliefs of your business do not align with the beliefs that you are displaying over social media, your business is going to suffer. It is important that your customers and potential customers know that your company sticks to its values, and it won’t change them just to get more followers online. If your social media plan isn’t working, it may be because your posts do not align with the core beliefs that your business claims to follow. This makes your business come off as inconsistent or hypocritical, which will not generate followers or sales.

Following this idea, a lack of consistency in your social media activity will put followers and potential customers off. You cannot expect a plan to work if you don’t make sure to follow through with it. You need to pick a consistent frequency to make your posts and be sure to make them at the same rate and time. This allows your followers to predict when a new post or promotion will be coming and it allows them to look for it and accurately follow your business.

Social Media Strategy

If you are treating all social media outlets as though they are the same, you are not going to get very far. Each social media outlet is different, and certain ones may or may not be the best for your business. If one isn’t working, do some research and find a better outlet for your brand or business, and be sure to use it the way it was intended to be used. If you are not engaging with your audience, eventually you will have no audience at all. No one likes to be talked at constantly, so if you only post promotions but don’t try to create conversations with your followers, they will likely lose interest.

Try to create engaging topics and really take your readers’ feedback into consideration. Lastly, your plan is probably not working because you don’t follow through with it. There is no point in having a media outlet if you don’t make sure to check it often. You need to make sure that your posts are being made, and that your messages are being read and responded to. This makes your followers feel as though it is a good use of their time to interact with you on social media. If you’re not bothering to actually use it, there’s no reason for people to pay attention.

If your business or brand is suffering from any of these shortcomings, it’s time to revamp your social media strategy into something that is engaging for followers and will ultimately be a success.