Social media SEO has revolutionized the online marketing industry and it has taken the world by storm. Everybody is talking about social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have changed the landscape, and are now taking control of what your Google Search Results will display. Gone are the days of mediocre web content popping up on Google because of keyword saturation. Nowadays, if web users rarely like, comment, retweet, pin it or +1 your content, and/or if Google’s algorithm doesn’t deem your content “organic” enough, your page will barely get to the top of the Google search results, let alone the first page. It will forever be stuck at the bottom of the pit; a Tartarus for search results, to put it simply. Social Media SEO has now made high quality content and credible sources the centers of the online marketing universe. But what if, say for example, this new and improved system of social media marketing stops being effective? How will we get rid of it? Here’s a list of what we might do as a community to remove this current SEO marketing system.

Social Media SEO

Content writers and page owners find a way to cheat the Social Media SEO system

You can’t count the greed of people out, not in the foreseeable, I mean. Somewhere out there, some desperate small business owner is surely trying to figure out a way to find a loophole in the system. He/she will be working on it day in and day out, trying climb at the top of social media marketing with sloppy, inorganic content by studying the current system and figuring out its kinks just so they don’t have to work as hard as they should. When the rest of the world follows suit, the system will be broken, ineffective, and will be a catalyst for bad business. If and when that scenario does happen, expect Google and other online companies to make a concerted effort to figure out a solution. This will all possibly lead us to the next scenario where…

Google creates a better, more effective system than Social Media SEO

It’s really the obvious scenario, really. Being the owner of the world’s most used search engine, it’ll be no surprise to see that Google will be spearheading the effort to provide another revolutionary way of providing high quality, organic web content to its users. I mean, come on. They managed to beat out and revolutionize the old SEO system that focused solely on keywords filled with crappy content. So who’s to say that they won’t be able to beat the current system out when in case it does fail? No system is perfect, right?

The Social Media SEO trend dies out

This is the last scenario I could think of where we’d just have to get rid of the current SEO system. Not everything is built to last, and as good as it is, the current system isn’t perfect. It still has a lot of problems. There’s still room for improvement and I don’t see why sooner or later, a new SEO system will come in and replace the current system, not because the current one will be broken and ineffective, but because the new one is just better overall.

Yes, it may not be perfect, and yes, it may not be in place forever, but keep in mind that one thing is for sure; whether you love it or hate it, Social Media SEO has made the internet a better place for users all around because it promotes high quality content from credible, trustworthy sources.