Social media research has become one of this year’s biggest headlines in internet seminars, and for good reason. The unstructured data that is formed provides a huge part of the data revolution online marketing enthusiasts can’t stop raving about. Despite the fact that most social media market researchers prefer the structured survey approach to data, it is no question that social media offers a new and exciting platform for researchers to explore because it provides a different approach to the way data is usually handled and it gives us a different perspective on all things social media related. But how do we use SM research to our market’s advantage? Here are some of its probable uses in the online marketing community. social media research

Social Media Research as a validation for consumer sentiment

Consumer research has been filled by focus groups and surveys for such a long time now, and results are often related to a controlled group that are missing opinions and unfiltered communication that potentially led to the break-through findings. By keeping an eye on social media, researchers will be given live access to opinions, old data, and conversational analyses of materials that lie outside the typical demographic of participants. Once this demographic has been accessed, there’s no telling how far the results could take your business, or how much profit you could make from your products and services.

Social Media Research as a determiner of your brand’s overall presence

What percentage of the online market knows about the products and services that your brand is offering? How much of that percentage actually use your products and services? And how much of that demographic uses a rival brand of yours? By using this form of research you will be able to answer these questions with greater detail, so that you can figure out in which areas of your campaign are already strong and what aspects of it still need improvement.

Social Media Research as tool to provide competitive knowledge

It can be used to inform marketers if their social insights match the results of what the quantitative data collected is saying about their brands. With social media analytics, researchers are now given the chance to measure the quality of social media campaigns and strategies to gain deeper insights into their competitors’ strategies, pros, cons, potential, and possible threats. Real-time analysis and segmented reporting takes notes of what competitors, and other similar businesses, are using, and it outlines certain data about how their products, services, and their brand is being perceived in the online market.

This new method of collecting raw data from your demographic is a great new way to explore the different aspects of social media corporate world. It’s definitely paving the way for businesses who intend to use social media for all kinds of market research. I believe that social media research will not only revolutionize the way we approach social media marketing, it will also revolutionize all aspects that are related to the corporate world.