Are you a person interested in making your own social media campaign? Well, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered. Nowadays, just having a website for your business just doesn’t cut it like it used to, because most successful business owners have now recognized the idea that marketing online extends to our social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In these social networking sites, business owners are now given the chance to see their target markets up close and personal, and it also gives them the chance to expand their demographic. Increasing your business’ exposure in social media also makes your business look trustworthy and that’s the biggest thing you get out of it, because trust is what gets your previous customers to come back, and trust earns you new ones. You won’t get all those benefits if your social media marketing isn’t up to par, so here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you make sure that your social media marketing is an effective one.

Social Media Campaign

Tip 1: You have to choose the right social media campaign for you

There is a wide variety of social media marketing styles to choose from, and these different campaign styles often deliver varying results. This means that picking the right style for your business is important. So before you pick a campaign style, you have to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your social media marketing. With a clear goal in mind, you can now choose which type of campaign works best with your business, then decide how you’re going to start building the campaign. Are you going to run a sweepstakes type of campaign, a photo contest campaign, or a voting campaign? Whatever you choose, make sure it meshes with the product/s you are offering.

Tip 2: Spread the word about your social media campaign

Promoting your social media campaign is a huge key to making it a success. Seventy percent of your campaign’s success rides on how often it is promoted. If more people know about your campaign, more people will talk about it. If more people talk about your campaign, then it most certainly means that more people will want to take part in it. So do everything you can possibly do to get the word of your campaign out. Design a campaign that has great sharing capability. If you can’t post a photo, video, and/or a status about it, then it won’t be worth the effort because it won’t touch as many possible clients as it could. Also remember that rewarding your audience members with extra chances to win will give them another reason to let the world know about your campaign.

Tip 3: Make sure that the prize for joining your social media campaign is right

Making sure that you giveaway the right prize to the winners of your campaign is another tip you should take note of. Many businesses often make the mistake of giving away prizes that have nothing to do with their business. By saying “prizes that have nothing to do with their business”, I’m talking about the instances when bookstores give away perfumes, clothing shops give away iPads, and shopping malls give away expense paid trips. It will benefit your business much better to give away goods and services that are related to your brand. Sure, the high-priced prizes can be a head-turner, but these prizes take the attention away from your brand. By giving away goods and services related to your business, you inform the people what you are offering and what your business is about. If you’re a hotel owner, give away an all-expense-paid stay at your hotel; if you own a clothing store, give away a gift certificate or an early release of your latest designs. Social media campaigns are all about promoting your business as a brand. By giving participants prizes that have no connection to you, you aren’t gaining customers for yourself, you’re gaining customers for the brand who made your prize.

Remember, social media campaigns are relatively easy methods to gain a bigger following. Just keep in these tips in mind and I’m sure you’ll set your social media campaign up for success in no time.