Keeping up with the latest SEO trends is an important factor in keeping your marketing edge because the Internet plays a huge role in the way marketing is done nowadays. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective marketing strategy that helps businesses funnel targeted audiences to their brand. Compare that to the traditional marketing strategy of advertising to the masses and hoping you reach people who are part of your target market, SEO looks better in every aspect. With that being said, we see why knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the world of SEO. If you fail to be updated, you’re bound to fall behind against the competition. If you’re a business owner who doesn’t want to lose against the competition, better save this page as one of your books because here’s a list of the five SEO trends to watch out for this 2015.

SEO Trends

SEO Trends: Content was, and still is king

No matter how you put it, content will always matter more than keyword saturation. Search engine users will always want to focus on websites that actually give them information that they want and need. Gone are the days where Google’s search bar algorithm sends users to sites filled with keywords. Nowadays, Google now leads users to sites that contain more content that’s related to the keywords. So for those of you who use SEO as a tool for business, you better start making entries that actually say something to your potential customer/s.

SEO Trends: Humanization of brands

            2015 will welcome a more personal approach to advertising by business owners. Expect online marketers to build more bridges and create a stronger relationship with the Internet community. Marketers will now open doors to with different kinds of people like brand advocates, customers, employees, etc. with the hopes to create a more engaging aura for their brand.

SEO Trends: SEO for mobile users will now be a bigger priority than before

Wherever you go in the world, there will always be a bunch of people who will always be on their phones; whether it’s for work, for socializing, for academic purposes, for gaming, etc. Give people a reason to be on their phones, no matter how big or small, they will be on their phones like white on rice, so it isn’t surprising to expect that Google will be placing a great effort in improving their mobile usability. Due to this increased attention to mobile usability, expect Google to prioritize websites that are mobile-friendly. Expect websites that don’t have a mobile version to sink lower and lower in the results pages.

SEO Trends: Earned links will matter more now

            Gone are the days where paid links dominated the results page. Expect search engines to prioritize showing pages with more credibility in its content. The more people share your content and rave about your brand, the more you’ll be prioritized by Google Search’s algorithm. Expect the low quality links to be dominated by links that are filled with more organic, credible content that is shared and talked about in other websites.

SEO Trends: Journalists will play an even bigger role in SEO

            In relation to the Earned Links, journalists will now be given a bigger role in search engine optimization because of the fact that most authoritative, credible, trustworthy, and recognized websites belong to journalists who post countless pieces of news that countless readers from around the globe go to for the latest headlines. Expect a lot more marketers creating networking relationships with journalists and other revered, well-respected bloggers to create an earned link to their site.

The year 2015 looks like it will prove to be one of the hardest years that SEO users will have to face in a while. But keep in mind that being ready for anything is an important part of success. So, take note and keep an eye out for the SEO trends listed above and I promise you that your business will flourish in SEO this 2015.