There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you’re undergoing the process of SEO management with your web page. It can really get confusing at times with so much information coming in your brain. You can get lost in all the tips, tricks, and pieces of advice different sources can give you. In situations where information overload is imminent, it is often very helpful to keep things as simple as possible. This method of simplifying rules is very applicable to SEO because it helps in lessening the madness one can experience in the SEO business. So with that being said, here’s a list of some simplified rules when it comes to managing SEO.

Content matters most in SEO management

I can’t reiterate this enough. If you’ve read of this rule before, well, that’s good to know. Remember that in today’s SEO, content is everything. Gone are the days where web content is bombarded with targeted keywords just because of the fact that back then, keywords were more prioritized by search engines. Content was made for search engines, not for actual people. This led to the so much subpar content being shared through the internet.

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Thankfully, those days are now gone. These days, search engines now prioritize well-made content over contents that are highly saturated with keywords. This means that writing/making content that caters its users is an important part of SEO. So whenever you make content for your pages, make them for your audience. When you’re making an article or a blog entry for your site, write it as if you’re actually trying to give them the information they need.

Don’t give them a bunch of information they already know, give them something unique; something they’ve never read before. Trust me; your audience will appreciate the fact that you did so. Not only will it satisfy your audience’s urge to learn, it will also build your page’s reputation as a reliable brand.

Incorporate Social Media in SEO Management

 If you think SEO management is all about making great content and getting the right amount of keywords in; think again. Ever since the emergence of Facebook, having a big social media presence is now an important part of SEO. Having a big social media presence in all the different social media platforms is a really effective method of brand promotion.

Nowadays, it’s a must to have a brand that’s relevant in social media to be successful. It’s a great way to keep your demographic to actually feel like they can connect with your brand, and it also gives you an even bigger chance in adding new members to your audience by expanding your brand’s reach through a variety of means such as shares, posts, retweets, etc. Social media helps get the word out about your brand, and that’s important in SEO because what’s the point of making great content if you can’t let people know that your brand exists, right? If no one knows about you and what you have to offer, no one will seek you out. 

Good SEO Management is Directly Proportional to having Good Relations with the Big Time Websites

In business and in real life, it’s always important to create good relationships with your peers. This statement also applies to search engine optimization. Building a good network with other reputable brands that can link their sites to yours is a rule everyone you should follow. If reputable sites link themselves with you, it sends audiences the message that your brand is reputable as well. The same is true if you choose to incorporate yourself with a website that’s owned by a shady brand. Your brand’s identity is based on who you choose to incorporate it with.

Failure to conform to these simple rules will only cripple your brand in the long run. Remember that these rules are important to your brand’s success. If you follow these simplified rules in SEO management, and apply to your page effectively, your brand will surely build its reputation and help it rise in stock.