Creating a positive online reputation for your business can be really hard, especially if you’re a small business owner but trust me, when you tarnish that reputation at least once, reputation repair is almost a hundred times harder than that. Sure, the idea of preventing online PR nightmares sounds great, but it’s realistically impossible because, let’s face it, not everyone is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen whether it’s sooner or later.

Reputation Repair IdeasWhen that time comes, it’s best to be prepared with methods to contain, minimize, and most importantly, resolve mistakes you make that can cost you your company’s good reputation on the internet. Gaining your customers’ trust back is a huge task that can be really tedious. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of methods that will help you manage situations where your company’s positive online rep you’ve built from scratch is in danger of getting broken down.

Reputation Repair is all About Being Upfront

It’s statistically proven that 4 out of 5 people will search for a company on Google before purchasing their products and services. Take note, this stat also applies to your company. So don’t wait for your customers to find out that you’ve made a couple of mistakes from someone else. It’s best if you control the terms of disclosure about your mishaps and let your customers know what negative stuff about your company is out there, what the truth is, and what your company is doing to respond to them. Don’t wait for your customers to find out on your own because not telling them will send the message that you’re not owning your mistakes, and you’re not doing your best to handle the situation. Providing need-to-know information about your company is vital in getting the positive reputation you might have lost back.

Owning your SEO can help your Efforts in Reputation Repair

If you ask me, one of the best ways to overcome negative information about your company that’s being shared online is to make sure that you pull the bad stuff down Google’s page ranking. You can do this by creating your own content and by creating a strong social media presence for your company. Creating a strong social media and online presence makes sure that the top search results customers get when they search for your company will be the ones you want them to see. So put out as much original content out there to help you filter the nasty, sometimes untrue, stuff out of the first page of the search results.

Apologizing is a Must in Reputation Repair

One of the most essential beliefs of reputation repair is that you must apologize as soon and as sincerely as you can. Don’t make the mistake of creating more issues and damaging your rep even more by being stubborn and/or oblivious about the issue/s you have in your hands. Apologizing is the most responsible and professional thing to do. Showing a certain level of maturity will let your customers know that you’re all about being real with them. Apologizing is a sure-fire way to lessen the backlash you’ll receive from the mistake your company has made.

In the online world, information can spread so fast that it can be really hard to contain the damage of one negative review/comment to your company’s online reputation. The things I listed down are only a few of the methods you can use to fix a damaged online reputation. Remember that reputation repair can be a really hard task to work on, but it’s not entirely impossible and the pieces of advice I’ve listed above is proof of that.