A lot of business owners have been utilizing the software called Reputation Changer to monitor and manage their online reputations. Unfortunately, a lot of these companies are jumping in head first without even knowing the ins and outs of the ORM. But if you’re an aspiring online marketer who’s looking for some help in learning how to utilize Reputation Changer to its fullest, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be listing down some need-to-know information an online marketer must learn about Reputation Management and why you need to use it for your company. Plus, we’ve also got some methods online marketers can use to get the best results. So if that’s what you need, read on!

What is Reputation Changer?

To get the most out of anything, it’s essential to know what that “anything” is. In this case, that “anything” is Reputation Management. I know you might be asking yourself questions like “what is Reputation Management?” and “why are so many companies using it?” Reputation Changer is a cloud-based service company that monitors any keywords you enter (i.e. your company’s name). Reputation Management also gives its users the opportunity of utilizing their product by improving your company’s online reputation by manipulating the search engines and driving negative content about their users down the results page. Basically, it’s an ORM service that helps their clients monitor their online reputations by giving them the opportunity to control what users see in the results page when they search for the client’s name or a certain keyword on any search engine.

Reputation Changer Helps in Suppressing Negative Content

All of this negative content can come from blog entries, social media updates, comments on Facebook, etc. Whenever you see negative content about your company online, it’s basic instinct to respond to them with the hopes of resolving the issue. I’m not saying that trying to resolve the issue is wrong; as a matter of fact, I believe that resolving the issue between you and the owner of the negative content is important to help build some trust in your brand back. All I’m saying is that responding to them can be detrimental to your company’s SEO because your response can pull the negative content’s ranking up. Luckily, this is a situation where Reputation Manager can help.

Like I mentioned above, Reputation Management can help push down negative content down the rankings by giving its users the ability to create content that will suppress the negative contents. It can push these negative pieces of content down to the 3rd page or lower down the search results pages. How does this help? Yes, sure, the content still exists, but no one really looks past the first page. It doesn’t get rid of the negative stuff, but it sure does a great job in keeping it away from searchers eyes.

Reputation Changer

Reputation Changer treats Search Engines as Allies

A great aspect that sets Reputation Changer apart from the competition is the fact that, unlike most ORM services, Reputation Management actually works with search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Reputation Management is open to the idea of adapting its SEO strategies to meet the standards of all kinds of search engines. The company doesn’t create ways to play the algorithms, so it lessens the chances of your content breaking any rule, thus, lessening the chances of your company tarnishing its good name.

Using ORMs is a great way for companies, small and large alike, to manage their online reputations in a more efficient manner because it saves a lot of valuable time and money. If you aren’t convinced yet, I suggest that you try out Reputation Changer yourself and see the wonders it brings your company first hand.