Even in the jungle that is real estate, getting real estate virtual assistant jobs is not that hard. Real estate agents know they need your assistance. If they try to do-it-all by themselves, the jungle will crush them up leaving you to die a natural death. They may not know it but there is a lot that a specialized real estate VA can do for their business. Here is what you need to know about real estate VA jobs.

What are Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs?

To understand real estate VA jobs, you need to know what a real estate VA is. They are contractors who handle day-to-day office work. As contractors, you only pay them for the time and skills they put in your business. They save you from costs such as medical and vacation allowances. In fact, as the word ‘virtual’ suggests, they work remotely. This further saves you from the costs associated with setting up an office.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Jobs

They take care of their own taxes and insurance since they not part of your fulltime staff. To add on to that, terminating their contract is easy and literally has no legal consequences. This way, when you are really busy in office, you can bring them on board. On the other hand, you can re-hire them again when you need them.

In this sense, contractors are better than fulltime worker who expect a salary no matter how the business is doing. They are so flexible that you can choose to pay them per project or hire them as part-timers.

Despite the above cost saving benefits, some real estate agents are not yet ready to hire VA. Could it be they are not aware of what real estate VA does? Here is what these VA do:

Real Estate Virtual Assistant jobs: What VA can do for your business?

Real estate VA can do the administrative chores in your office. From answering e-mails to entering data in your system, a VA can do it all. They can also organize your database. It is important to hire a good virtual assistant as they act as your receptionist. In short, they are the first person your business comes into contact with and thus need to maintain a good image.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant jobs: Marketing Assistance

In real estate, just like in other businesses, you need to do a lot of marketing. A virtual assistance will do everything in marketing your business;

  • Updating your social media accounts.
  • Creating and updating video for YouTube.
  • Making flyer.
  • Creating and updating articles for SEO.

Support in sales

Once you make contact with a client, the communication need to be maintained a conversion is made. In general, as an agent, you can only manage 3 to 4 contacts. Real estate VA can manage more contacts since it is all they do. This way, you will be able convert more contacts to actual sale. As you can see, there is a lot that real estate virtual assistant jobs in the market. Therefore, hire a VA today and see your business grow.