As businesses grow and learn the value Va’s can add to their business, more virtual assistant positions are being created. It is important that these positions are well defined so that the VA knows exactly what is expected of them. They should also be accorded as much respect as you would other employees of your organization. Here are the commonest VA positions in the market today.

Virtual Assistant Positions

Virtual Assistant Positions: General VA

The general virtual assistant is does not have any specialized skill. General VAs may not have specialized skill but are expected to write and speak good English and be able to use a computer. They perform the general duties in your office such as:

  • Receiving assignments from other specialized Vas and sending them to you.
  • Updating software on your system.
  • Responding to general queries.
  • Escalating queries to the correct section.
  • Other general duties on your platform.

By doing the general tasks, they ensure that your organization runs smoothly.

Virtual Assistant Positions: The Content Writer

Marketing is shifting from the traditional media that is TV, radio and newspapers to new media. The so called new media is powered by content. People generally want to know more about the product before they buy it. Websites too need content to inform visitors.

The content writer VA is trained and has skill to ensure that the content on your website or blog is professionally written. They ensure that the content is also fresh and is Search Engine Optimized. Content writers keep your readers hooked by constantly uploading content.

The Web Developer

Your website needs to be professionally done. In addition, it needs to be easy to use since most online citizens are easily distracted. If the find your website difficult to use, they will just switch to your competitor. On the internet, your competitor is just a click away. Therefore, you cannot compromise on building a perfect website. The web design VA specializes in building websites and maintaining them. They may also be able to work on your WordPress blogs.

Virtual Assistant positions: SEO Expert

It is not enough to just build a website. You should ensure that it ranks well on Google and other search engines. SEO experts specialize in Search Engine Marketing or internet marketing. They ensure your websites and blogs are friendly to the search engines. This way, whenever online citizens search for words or information related to what you sell, you website comes or ranks top.

The Graphic Designer

When mounting an advertising campaign, you want to choose graphic that appeal and have most impact on the reader. The graphic designer creates and designs your website so that it appeals to your visitors. They also help you design logos that reflect what your business believes in.

It is important that you hire specialist to who are specialists in what they do. You should not expect a VA to do all tasks in your office. Other common virtual assistant positions include: bookkeepers, data entry and email managers.