People in business view personal virtual assistant differently. For some, having an assistant in a far away country is a lifestyle statement. Others view virtual assistants as expensive and a waste of scarce business resources. If you give it a thought, you will see that these assistants are important part of your business. Here are reasons why you should consider hiring them.

Personal Virtual Assistants are Cost effective

Come to think of it, you save a lot by hiring a virtual assistant. To start with, they work in their own office and thus you save on the cost of rent. The VA also uses their own tool such as computers, software and other equipment.

Personal Virtual Assistant

Since they are considered to be independent contractors, you save on medical expenses, vacation pay, and the cost of pension. You would have to incur these costs if you hire a real-life personal assistant.

Personal Virtual assistants Work only when you need them

In the first days of a small business, work often has not yet started flowing. In fact, even in established small businesses, they often have 2 good months followed by 1 bad one. By using a virtual assistant, you can hire them when you have good work flow and lay them off when work flow is poor. This way, you save to on the cost running business during the bad months. And what’s more, there are no legal issue brought about by lying off a virtual worker.

Personal Virtual Assistant Works as you Play

Everyone needs a break from the hustle of life. With a virtual assistant, you will be able to enjoy your holiday as they work.  Imagine carrying your phone or laptop while on holiday! Well, will a virtual assistant, you need not worry about this. If you get a VA from across the world, they will work as you sleep. This way, you will find all the office work done and you seamlessly go on with business.

They help you Specialize

As you may know, specialization is the mother of productivity. Steve Jobs specialized in developing gadgets that meet people’s everyday needs. He left his marketer blow the trumpet about the gadget. You too should do the same!! Hire a virtual assistant to run your office and respond to your e-mail. Whether you are a dentist, a plumber or a fashion designer, the time saved allows you to do your thing!!

In the end, you get so much more from a VA that just saving time. And what is more? They are more affordable than hiring a real office worker. In some parts of the works, you can find good VA working a $4 an hour.

It is  advisable to compensate your virtual assistant well. This will not only inspire and motivate to work but also helps you to retail them. For small business consistency is important for growth.  In the end, you do not want to get used to a personal virtual assistant then lose them after 2 or 3 months.