Online freelancing is steadily becoming one of the highest paying gigs in the online marketing industry, and a huge number of people are making the move and taking the opportunity to become an online freelancer. It’s such a convenient way to make money and/or do business within the comforts of your home. With so many people joining the trend, it can get really hard to stand out above the rest of the online freelancer pool. Luckily, there are a lot of online outsourcing platforms that help freelancers of all levels (and from different areas of expertise) to stand out and be given the chance to be hired by a client. If you’re new to the thought of using online outsourcing platforms, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few pointers on how to effectively use online outsourcing platforms to increase your chances to be hired.

Know What the Best Outsourcing Platforms Are

Before you find out how to go out and sell your skills on the internet, you have to know WHERE the place is to do it. Sure, there are a lot of good outsourcing platforms/websites on the internet, but if you really want to hit it big, you have to know what the best outsourcing websites are. Here are some of them:

UpWork ( – If you’re a freelancer who’s looking for the best outsourcing platforms, you should definitely sign up for UpWork. UpWork is one of the best outsourcing platforms, and it’s actually the world’s largest online workplace. UpWork also has the largest, and probably strongest marketplace among the outsourcing websites. This is because UpWork believes in hiring on demand, managing the work, and paying/receiving money with ease. All types of jobs can be found on UpWork, and more often than not, beginners are often welcome to apply to a lot of jobs there. UpWork pays in more ways than just money because the site requires freelancer-to-client feedback and vice-versa when contracts end. This feedback helps employers determine whether a freelancer provides high quality services, and it also helps freelancers determine if a prospective client is a good employer or not. The more work you finish, the better feedback you get. The better feedback you get, the higher the chance of you getting hired again. It’s a really simple dynamic that helps people in both sides of the transaction. UpWork is also free-to-use and only 10% of payments are taken by the site as a small fee.

Outsourcing Platforms

ELance ( – If you’re a group of freelancers who are looking to sell your services to outsourcers, ELance is the place to go. Elance is a great place for a group of contractors who provide services for large scale projects. ELance’s salary fees can range between 6.75% – 8.75% depending on the budget of the projects you undertake. Like UpWork, ELance also provides a distinction between jobs that pay by the hour and jobs that pay by project. An important note to keep in mind as a freelancer is that there are some mediocre work providers and you have to be really careful in selecting a client you want to work for.

Freelancer ( – Freelancer is another great outsourcing platform that freelancers can register in. Freelancer is a site that’s more suited to project-based work, and outsourcing is really easy here because it’s easy to use and oriented to promoting small jobs. If you’re a newbie to online freelancing, this is the place to start.

Create an Outsourcing Platform Profile that Tells Employers What They Need to Know about You

When you finally decide what platform/s you’re going to use, you need to create a good freelancer profile. In creating an eye-catching freelancer profile, you need to enter all the information that employers need to know about you. The first thing that you need to create is a good headline for your profile. A good headline gets employers’ attention, so it’s best to keep it short and simple. Making a headline that’s longer than a sentence can really hurt your chances in being hired. Employers are often busy people, and if you give them a headline that takes more than a minute to read, they’ll often choose not to. All you need to put in your headline is your position (student or employee), years of experience, and special skills.

Another important part of your profile creation is selecting the proper picture of yours to use for it. The image you portray for yourself matters, and it’s best to look professional as possible in your photo. No, it doesn’t mean you need to rush to the nearest photo studio to get good looking photo taken. Just look for a plain colored wall in your home, get your camera and take a few ID photos of yourself and you’re good to go.

Write a Bio that’s straight to the Point

When you finally do get an employer’s attention, they’ll surely visit your profile. Don’t take that attention for granted because that attention to your profile won’t last very long. In your profile bio, cut right to the chase. Tell your potential employer why he needs to hire you. List down your position title, years of experience, technical skills, software knowledge, areas of expertise, and the level of education you’ve acquired. Giving your potential the employer the information he needs will help him/her determine if you’re right for the job in a shorter period of time, and it can definitely help you get hired a lot faster.

These tips I’ve given are the most important out of the things you need to take note of when creating online outsourcing profiles, but they’re not all of it. These are just the fundamental things to take note of when creating a freelancer profile. If you get all of these things right, you will surely take the next step in making the most out of the online outsourcing platform you chose to use.