Online virtual assistant have pretty much become a part of the modern office. If you are able to hire a quality VA, you will not only get value for money but also make your life easier. Here are the five common mistakes you can make when hiring a virtual assistant and how to prevent them.

Before hiring a Online Virtual Assistant do your Homework

What you do before hiring a virtual assistant is as important as what you do thereafter. It not only ensures that you know the set of skills that you want but also ensures you are sure of the job to be done. Therefore, make a list of all what you want to be assisted on and be set of skills that match the work.

Online Virtual Assistant

Come up with details on how much time it will take to do the job every day. In short, develop a job description so that the new worker knows exactly what is expected of them. Finally, create a shorter version of job description that will catch the eye of the finest virtual assistant.

Online Virtual Assistant: What you pay is what you get

It is a waste of time to write a good job description and then offer poor pay. Days when you went online to find cheap online assistants are long gone. To get the finest worker, you have to pay them well. Good pay will also enable you to keep them once you hire them.

Poor payment will result in poor quality work as well as high job turn over. High cost is will not always result in good job output.  But it is better than cheap workers who almost always guarantee disappointment.

Not giving the new online virtual assistant to acclimatize

Just like in the real office world, workers need to get used to the new work environment.  Prepare for disappointment if you expect to hire then ‘plug-and-play’, . Even the finest online assistant will need time to get used to you, your team as well as work with your systems. Thus, you should not be too quick to dismiss a worker as not productive until you give them enough time.

Avoid Expecting too much from one Assistant

In real life office, you do not expect an accountant to develop your website. Do not expect your virtual assistant have all kinds of skills. If you want a content writer, let them specialize in writing. A ‘jack-of-all-trades’ kind of worker  would not be able to give adequate attention to all the areas.

Not Trust Your Worker

People from whichever part of the world hate to be micromanage. Even if they bear with you at first, they are definitely bound to leave with time. Give your virtual assistant enough time to work. In fact, rather than micromanaging them, monitor performance using the results produced. As you can see, there are many mistakes when hiring online virtual assistant, but now you know how to avoid them.