Online marketing tools can really change the way an online marketer approaches work. Online marketers nowadays often have to take on a lot of roles just to manage a whole bunch of projects while being responsible for a large part of a client’s online marketing campaign. It can really get overwhelming for some people. It’s a good thing that a lot of software developers were smart enough to create online tools that make their jobs easier. If you’re one of those people who is getting lost with all of the data you need your brain to process, keep scrolling down because we’ve compiled a list of online tools that can help you be more productive, and help you fulfill your duties as an online marketer.

Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools: Tweetdeck

When it comes to social media management, nothing can beat Tweetdeck. For those of you who don’t know, Tweetdeck is a tool that helps its users create custom Twitter timelines to help them keep track of the different Tweet lists, the numerous Twitter searches, and different Twitter activities in one, organized interface. Because of Twitter’s profile linking capabilities to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, Tweetdeck makes it easier for its users to update their profiles in the different platforms simultaneously. Tweetdeck also makes it easier for users to track the specific topics on Twitter whether it’s trending or not. It is a very convenient tool for heavy Twitter users and the like. It’s definitely a must-try.

Online Marketing Tools: Mavenlink

            Project and task management can be a very tedious task, but thankfully, software tools like Mavenlink exist to help all the information and resources you need all in one place. Mavenlink is a really great software tool that provides services that allow for advanced project management, task collaboration, resource allocation, work management, and professional services automation. A great thing that Mavenlink also allows you to is assign tasks to others, either clients or those within your organization, and assign a deadline and see when these people start and complete the task you’ve assigned to them. Sure, the interface may take a little getting used to but once you do, managing your projects will be easier because of it.

Online Marketing Tools: Google Drive

            Having a storage drive where you save your project files is a really convenient way to share different pieces of important information with your people, and it’s good thing that the online marketing community has it in the form of Google Drive. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created and managed by Google. It gives its users the ability to store documents in the cloud, as well as other necessities such as sharing files, and editing documents with your associates. Google Drive is such a great tool for file sharing because the storage limit is at a whopping 15 GB, add to that the fact that it’s free to use as long as you have a Gmail account and it’s no doubt that you have a file sharing tool that’s really easy to use.

I hope that you’ll give all these software I’ve listed above a try. They’re really helpful for anyone who’s part of the online marketing industry because they make your jobs easier and it improves the quality of your work by a lot. So if you need a little push to work harder, get a hand on these online marketing tools as soon as you can.