When I started working with my virtual assistant, I experienced many challenges. With time, the challenges have become fewer. Here is what make working with virtual assistant difficult and later how to overcome the challenges.

Challenges Working With My Virtual Assistant

The distance factor- virtual assistants are located thousands of miles away. This presents difficulties in communication and time difference. In essence, the fact that you cannot meet the VA for face-to-face meeting is a huge problem by itself.

Virtual assistants are global – While there is nothing wrong with being global, it presents a cultural barrier. It is sometimes difficult to understand virtual assistants who have different culture and English accent. The difference in laws is another challenge. To overcome this challenge, try to learn the culture of your VA especially those you have worked with for a long time.

My Virtual Assistant

Even with the above challenges, it is possible to work efficiently with Vas and actually enjoy it. Here is how.

Working With My Virtual Assistant: Tips

Clear Instructions

As you interview your VA, take them through a job description. Explain to them what is expected from them:

  • When you expect them to be online.
  • How many hours you want them to be online per day.
  • What their targets are daily/ monthly.
  • Tell them your preferred mode of communication.
  • Set clear deadlines.

Working with a virtual assistant is a two way process. It is important to ask your VA about what they expect from you.

Keep checking the Task

At every stage of the task, take time to look at it and advice on the corrections to be made. This is especially true when you are dealing with a new virtual assistant. This ensures that your VA has understood the instructions given.

It also enables you to update instructions that you may have overlooked at the beginning. If the job done already does not look good to you, cancel the task early. This way, you save time for the both of you.

My Virtual Assistant: Give them enough time

For a task to be well accomplished, give your VA enough time. Ideally, if you can finish a task in an hour, give your virtual assistant one or two hours more. Again, this is especially true for a new VA or when assigning a new task. As the VA goes on with the task, you can begin to reduce time spent doing task.

Working With My Virtual Assistant: Use appropriate tools

Virtual assistants are located far away from you and this can bring a problem in communication. And as you may know, without efficient communication no task can be accomplished. There are many tools that enable you to communicate with your VA.

Ideally, you should talk with your VA. This is because talking is 7 time faster than writing. However, writing is best when giving instructions that may need to be re-looked at later. Skype is a widely used communication tool.  Other tools that make working with my virtual assistant easy include: Bootcamp, LastPass, and Dropbox.