Many online marketers always look for the best ways to stay relevant in the social media niche by incorporating common practices to improve SEO for their sites. If you think that there are any special techniques or strategies that these pages’ webmasters are using, think again. The best strategies to get the most out of your effort to optimize your page’s content aren’t really top secret. The formula has always been the same for any brand that accomplish social marketing success. If you don’t know what they are, just read on because in this piece, we’ve compiled a list of the five best form a webmaster can, and should use to improve their page’s SEO.

Organically increasing the number of your fans/followers to improve SEO

The number of connections that your brand’s social media profiles plays a big role on your how your page rankings will turn out. But don’t get the wrong idea, however. Google and the other search engines take the quality of your profiles’ followers into account. If you don’t get what I mean, here’s an example. Just because you have 100,000 followers on your brand’s Instagram profile doesn’t automatically equate to a good page rank. If in those 100,000 followers, only 10% is organic and the rest of the followers are proxy/spam accounts, then your page ranking would not be better than a brand’s Instagram profile that has 11,000 followers with accounts from real people. That’s why attracting a real audience through organic means such as creating and sharing high quality content, and communicating with your brand’s followers is a great practice for any webmaster looking to engage in online marketing.

Improve SEO

Improve SEO by optimizing your page’s posts for searches

It’s called search engine optimization for a reason, people. Remember that Google prioritizes the most talked about social media updates in its results page. Keeping your post’s content optimized for searching is a key factor in getting featured in the SERPs. You can do this by optimizing your keywords throughout your posts, and make sure the content is written with the intent to be read by other people, not with the intent to be found be search engines more quickly. You can also optimize the images on your page by including your keywords in the file names of the images you upload.

Influencing the distribution of your posts in social sites can improve SEO for your page

Social media sharing can greatly influence how reliable a brand can get in the internet. Sharing affects pages the same way as links do because when your participants share your content, they link they’re pages. replies, retweets, likes, shares,favorites, and +1s all counts when search engines determine a page’s authority in the web. So, do your best to encourage your followers to share your content by offering special prizes to a random person who contributes your post’s or by posting material that makes your followers to leave a response. These way, you can increase social media attention to your brand and will help your brand attain a bigger social marketing presence.

Listening to and communicating with your Followers

Since SEO is now leaning towards a user-centered approach, listening and properly responding to your followers’ compliments, inquiries, and criticisms about your page’s content also helps in improving the SEO for your page. Communicating with your followers as often and as respectfully as you can builds your brand’s reputation on the different social media platforms, especially in local settings where you can provide live coverage for your local events through your brand’s page. Engaging both your local following and your online following on a regular basis can greatly increase your social media presence and produce high SEO traffic for your brand’s website and other social media profiles.

Develop Brand Awareness

By implementing all the practices that you’ve learned in this article, you’re bound to create a buzz around your brand. By constantly practicing the points stated above, the information concerning your brand will develop more and more, causing brand awareness to increase dramatically. By prioritizing giving your users great experiences with your brand, your rank in the Google’s SERP will get better over time, and it will greatly improve SEO for your page’s content.