With the mobile SEO industry getting bigger and bigger, more brands are starting to utilize it to gain more leads and generate more traffic for their websites. However, a lot of other brands are still lost and still have a hard time in incorporating the mobile aspect of SEO in their business. What these other brands haven’t figured out is the fact that there is a right way of conducting SEO with mobile phones. It takes a relatively different approach to become successful in mobile SEO, and I’m here to tell you how. Here’s a list of things you need to do to make sure you use SEO in mobile phones the right way.


Treat Social Media as an Aspect of Mobile SEO

Users are always connected to their social media networks through their mobile phones. Social media is entertaining, and as expected, mobile users want to be entertained. Therefore, when making content for mobile search optimization, you should prioritize making posts that are light-hearted and entertaining for mobile users. So, when you’re trying to develop mobile online content, prioritize its social media implications. So make sure that your mobile sites have links to your social media profiles ingrained on every page. By doing so, your content’s social media exposure will dramatically increase, it will drive more traffic to your site, and you will get more engagement from your audiences because social media gives your audience the opportunity to share and talk about your content.

Mobile SEO

Make Mobile Friendly Content for Mobile SEO

Web pages that contain rich media contents like high resolution images and videos often take a lot of time to load on mobile phones. So when making your own mobile page, try to limit your page’s use of rich media content to avoid inconveniently long loading times. Mobile users will appreciate your move of reducing the file sizes of the media you upload because it makes it easier for them to explore your mobile content. Don’t forget to make sure that your mobile page is highly responsive, and remember to create a sub-domain name for your mobile users to redirect mobile users that enter your desktop URL to your mobile site.

Content Always Matters, Even in Mobile SEO

No matter what kind of online marketing you lean towards, content will always be king, even in mobile SEO. The only factor that you need to treat differently when you make content for mobile phones are smart phones’ screens are smaller compared to regular desktop computers. Avoid making content with text so small that it makes it inconvenient to read while on a mobile phone, and constantly check your mobile content’s length. Add to that the fact that mobile phones usually have smaller keypads, which makes typing for long periods very tedious, so focus on using keywords in your content that are relatively shorter, and are mobile-user specific.

Mobile browsing is slowly, but surely, becoming a big part of the online market. By learning how to utilize mobile SEO the right way is important if you want to stay ahead and stay relevant in the SEO business.