Nowadays, being a cheap virtual assistant is one of the most convenient way to have an income. There are a lot of websites where one can apply to be one. But before anything else, what really is a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant or also called a virtual office assistant is basically a self-employed person who provides professional assistance to clients that are remote or from different parts of the world. Also, virtual assistants are independent workers just like freelance writers who.

They do not have insurance or other forms of benefits that normal employees get from their employers. The common ways of communication of a virtual assistant is through the internet, electronic mails, phone calls, video calls and other electronic conferences. In this generation of virtual assistants, most of them use soft wares like Skype and Google Voice to connect with clients.

cheap virtual assistant

There are a lot of cheap virtual assistants around there are those that do not have the skills. In order to get hired easily and constantly, you must have the knowledge and abilities to become a virtual assistant and know what are your duties and responsibilities in general. Just to break it down, these are the usual tasks of a virtual assistant.

First is bookkeeping like noting bills and other important matters and documents. Some clients need someone to do this because they tend to forget small and mundane tasks like these. A virtual assistant must be able to keep tabs on everything so nothing goes unpaid or unattended.

Second is online research. This is probably one of the easiest things to do because almost everyone can do this. From taking common requests such as looking out for new products or online shopping, virtual assistants are on it immediately. Just be sure to note the right information such as accounts and passwords so nothing will go wrong.

Third iscoding database. If you’re a virtual assistant that has not done this before then make sure to tell your client so you can work something out. This is basically about updating existing contacts or encoding new ones.

Fourth is presentation of data. This where the real skills and advantage of knowing computer applications comes in. A virtual assistant must be able to create PowerPoint presentations that are legit and suits the needs of the clients just right. Also, one should be able to summarize word documents or other files in time for meetings or meet-ups. Fortunately, this can all be done online so there is no need to worry.

Fifth is handling emails.A virtual assistant is one that handles the client’s emails and respond to those that needs an urgent reply and make sure that are no messages that will go unread for a long period of time. This is very important especially when the client relies heavily on emails for business purposes.

Being a virtual assistant is no easy task. It does not come cheap. However, we all have to start at the bottom especially when we’re starting out. So, you can be a cheap virtual assistant now with skills and you’ll be rising your rate up in no time.