Are you trying to figure out how to add your business to Google Maps? Are you looking to try and make the most out the opportunities Google is providing you and your business? Maps allows businesses to give users a unique online tour of your establishment, and along with customer reviews, helps new customers decide whether or not they ultimately purchase your products and services. Google Maps also gives your work take a more interactive approach that allows more communication between you and your customers. These are only some of the benefits your business can get when you get a Google Map listing. What’s so great about Maps is it’s so simple to claim your listing and here’s how.
How to Add Businesses to Google Maps

How to Add Businesses to Google Maps 1:

The first thing you need to do is make a Google My Business profile for your business. Go to the Google My Business log in page, and click the “Get on Google” button at the top right corner of your screen. When the search bar shows up, just enter your business’ name in it. Click on your unclaimed business listing if it appears on the search results. If there are no results that match your field name in the results page, just select “Add your Business”, and provide the necessary information Google needs to create your listing.

How to Add Businesses to Google Maps 2: Category Selection

Many people forget about the importance of selecting the proper category. Selecting the right categories that your niche falls under is important to gain more online visibility. Placing your business under the wrong categories in the Google Maps listings can really hurt your chances in being featured in the Google Results page when your target audience isn’t there. Near the bottom of the form, you will be asked to choose a Category that describes your work. The category selection is very important as it is essentially the way Google will classify your niche, and the type of search results it will display your listing in. Google My Business has categories and keywords for each niche/industry.

Start typing your keyword in to see if Google produces a match, and then select the best one that matches your field.

How to Add Businesses to Google Maps 3: Verify your Business

Finally, you need to make sure you verify your listing as soon as possible. There are a lot of scammers in the world, and Google is aware of that. Pieces of information can come from anybody, that’s why the listing deliberation can take around a week or two to finish. By verifying your work, you sign an agreement with Google that you will be responsible for any issues that may arise regarding the accuracy and validity of the information being put in your listing.

When you finally add your business to Google Maps, you give your company the opportunity to have more online visibility. By reaching a bigger demographic, you give your company a chance to be exposed to all kinds of customers from all over the world. This can result in a huge rise in your company’s fan-base and sales. Just keep this guide in mind, and you’ll have no problem in figuring out how to add businesses to Google Maps.