In the virtual assistant business, there will always be skeptics, especially when you hire Filipino Virtual Assistant. Even when they obviously need help from a virtual assistant, there are just some people who think that they can do things on their own. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the formation of a skeptic’s point of view. It’s never just one thing that’s holding them back from acquiring the help of a VA, whether it’s because they’re trying keep the company’s budget in check or you have problems trusting an outsider in telling them and their employees what to do; they always have the same problems. Convincing skeptics can really be a demanding task, especially when you don’t know how. That’s why I’ll be talking about the different ways you can convince a skeptic to buy in to hiring you as their company’s VA in this article.

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Show The Skeptics That You Have the Essential Experience as a Filipino Virtual Assistant to Have them Work with You

One of the best things you can do to change a skeptic’s mind is to show them that you have a wealth of experience. You need to show that you have learned some very important lessons that are essential to do well in your line of work. Show these skeptics that this isn’t the first time you’ve developed a management plan. It won’t be the first time you’ve worked with different levels of management throughout an organization. Make sure that you have the presence of mind to apply the knowledge and experience needed to avoid common mistakes. By showing your skeptic client that you know something that they don’t, you slowly build rapport and you can start changing their point of view about what you can do for them.

Show the Skeptics the Tools You Have to help them Be Successful as a Filipino Virtual Assistant

Because you’ve already proven that you are well experienced in this service providing business, the next thing you should do is prove that you have the tools, materials, and training to help them get the job done more quickly and more efficiently than them. Different virtual assistants will employ different tools, templates and procedures, based on past experiences and best practices; doing so will help you set yourself apart from the other workers. Prove them that they can trust you by showing them that you can, and will, choose the right tools for their situation. Remember, changing a skeptic’s mind is all about building trust and developing your relationship as his/her employer.

Sell Your Ability to be Objective as a Boss of a Filipino Virtual Assistant

It is very important that you bring objectivity to the company’s management process. In high level meetings, that objectivity can be particularly beneficial. For example, in a meeting where their CEO needs to ensure that everyone is on board, you can show them that you can help the CEO facilitate the company’s senior management team meetings. Show your potential employers that you can help create a cognitively stimulating exchange during these meetings. Your objective as a virtual assistant should be to instigate and maintain a spirited discussion where everyone’s concerns and objections are properly discussed and, more importantly, heard. You need to make sure that those kinds of discussions take place. Doing so will show your employers that you can incorporate this kind of environment in the company because this kind of attitude can mean that senior team members having similarly spirited discussions with their subordinates.

Changing a skeptic’s mind about consultation services can be hard work, especially when they stand firmly on their beliefs. Fortunately, helping you sell your business idea is our aim and to ultimately create a working relationship with them where both you and the Filipino Virtual Assistant you hired will benefit from it.