Google Local Listings is gradually becoming a more competitive landscape due to the large number of business owners making a concerted effort in claiming their local listings. Claiming Google Local Listing helps business owners share information about their stores, products, and store locations with interested users whenever they choose to search for products or types of businesses to purchase in the different Google platforms. It helps business owners offer complete, accurate, and valuable information about your local business to your customers at the moment they’re searching for services/products that you sell. Claiming local listings can lead to more traffic and sales for their company, both online and in your physical stores. Knowing what trends can occur within this year can help businesses adjust and adapt more quickly to the change in what’s what in the industry. If you’re interested to know, here are a few trends to watch out for that can help you optimize your local listings.

Google Local Listing

Writing Informative Descriptions will always be Part of the Google Local Listing Trend

No surprise here. Like all aspects of the online marketing industry, content will always be a priority. Depending on a user’s device or context, Google may show more or less of your Google Places listing. This is due to the fact that when a user sees a business description in Google Places, it would be advisable to make your description is persuasive in a sense that it piques interest and drives traffic to your site. The goal of writing your business description is to get your message across to let your reader know what your business is all about rather than focusing on over-saturating the entry with keywords. Google is already using your geography and the categories that you selected to decide the proper Places listings to show for your business in response to a certain searches, so use your description as a means to communicate with words that speak directly to your readers and make your services look like the solution that will satisfy their needs.

Content will always Set the Trend in Google Local Listing

When given many listings to look at, people will most often rely on a photograph to decide which listings deserve more attention from them. This has caused Google to start encouraging its user to add more photographs in Google Places listings to give its users the chance to view several of a listing’s pictures. So with all these things taken into consideration, do your best to constantly add as much rich content (mainly photos and videos) to make it easier for people who look at your listings understand what kind of goods and services your company sells/provides and why it is special. Take note that the higher the quality of images and video you can provide, the better results you’ll get. You should also do your best to include other content from your other pages like special offers, coupon codes, recent blog posts, online sales, and/or updates from your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+.

Why Take Note of Google Local Listing Trends?

The online marketing industry is always in flux. A marketing technique that’s effective today might not be effective tomorrow. Being aware means you will always be prepared for anything, and in the online marketing industry, being ready for what the trends can throw at you is important if you want to be successful. If you take note of these Google Local Listing trends, you’ll surely be able to go with the flow with little to no negative effects on your business.