Many business owners often forget about the importance of a free directory listing. A free directory listing can be very helpful in your company’s marketing efforts. How? It’s really simple really. Free directory listings give business owners high quality back links to their websites, and because of that, their websites get better online visibility and higher page rankings in the Google results page. Unfortunately, not a lot of small business owners know this and/or they either have no idea how to use them and they fail to utilize free directory listing sites to their benefit. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of a few tips and tricks on how to use free directory listings to improve your company’s online sales.

Find the Top Free Directory Listing Websites for your Niche

Selling products to people who have specific wants and needs that fall under your company’s niche is easier compared to selling products to people who either don’t need them or don’t know want them at all. Targeting people’s needs is a basic principle in product marketing, and if you want to increase your company’s sales, you need to advertise to a group of people who will certainly have a use for your goods and services. By using free directory listings that are related to your business’ category, you focus on marketing to a larger demographic who actually need your products, thus increasing the efficiency of your marketing strategy. So do your best to find at least 50-100 free web listing websites that are considered to be the best for the industry that your business is part of.

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Filter These Free Directory Listing Websites by Page Ranking and Amount of Traffic

When you’ve taken note of the top free web listing sites for your niche, the next thing you need to do is filter this list down even more. You need high quality links to your business’ page because if you settle for mediocre back links, your site’s page ranking won’t get that high up in the search results pages. You can do this by determining whether or not a web listing website has a good page ranking in the search results. Make sure you prioritize web listing sites that are listed at the top of the page rankings. You should also do your best to test and see whether or not the site gets a ton of online visitors. By submitting your company’s listing to listing websites that get tons of traffic, you increase your company’s reach because of the bigger demographic that gets exposed to your brand.

Submit Your Information to Your Selected Free Directory Listing Websites

When you’ve finally narrowed your list down to a reasonable number, you must now give your directory submissions to these free listing websites. Directory submissions can be a really tedious process with all the information you can provide to a number web listing sites. Luckily, you can reduce the time of this process by creating a generic template of information you need to provide for directory submissions. You also need to randomize the keywords that you use in your submissions to avoid penalties from Google that can hurt your website’s page ranking dramatically.

Remember that you always need to aim for first page listings to make the most out of your marketing efforts. Yes, it can really be a tedious process, but if you do your work diligently, the pay-out for your business will be tremendous and you’ll surely be glad you integrated free directory listing websites into your marketing approach.