At some point in your business you have probably come across the term free business listing. This is a service that lists your business’ contact information for no cost to you. That probably seems like an excellent deal and possibly an offer that you have gladly taken. Unfortunately, these listings often fail and there are plenty of reasons why.

Why Did My Free Business Listing Fail?

These free listings often fail because they do not have adequate SEO skills. When your business is linked on a reputable site, it can increase your ranking and help your overall SEO. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when using a free listing site. The free listing will only be a benefit for your business if the site offering the listing has a decent reputation and good SEO ranking. If they are not ranked highly, they can often be unlikely to come up in a search.

Free Business Listing

Additionally, many of these listings fail because they are listed on websites that people do not commonly use. While a listing on a smaller directory may be able to help boost your page rank slightly if you have a small page, it will not be the most used listing. If someone is looking for your business, they are more likely to use a general search engine than to use a small directory to try to look you up.

How Can I Avoid Failure With a Free Business Listing?

These free listings do have advantages. If you do not have a high page rank or high number of followers, having your information linked on another page can certainly help to bring up your page rank. It also does not hurt you financially to have your business listed on a free site. Moreover, free listings can help you to establish a network with the listing site which may prove incredibly helpful in future endeavors, such as the launch of a new webpage or business. While many young people will just search for you with a search engine, there are older potential customers who are more familiar with directory services, who are likely to look you up on a free directory site. This can help to reach a demographic that you may have otherwise not been marketing to.

Free listings can be a great resource. However, if you want to make sure that your listings do not fail, you should make sure that the directories are reputable, and also that you are being listed on multiple sites. This will help you to expand your potential audience and ensure that if one listing does fail, you have others that have the possibility to succeed.

What Can I Do if My Free Business Listing Does Fail?

If you are not happy with how well your free listings are doing, it may be time to look into paid listings. Paid listings are generally on much larger websites that experience a much higher rate of traffic. Because of this, you are often more likely to receive traffic to your own page and expand your audience when utilizing one of these services. There are several paid listing sites that are very popular and can be used in tandem with free listing sites to boost your business. In the end, while a free business listing may fail, it is a great way to get your name mentioned at no cost.