The internet has changed the way we as a society value our online reputation because search engines have made it easier to look for all kinds of information online. Do you want to know what a friend of yours did last Christmas? Just type your friend’s name on Google and you can find all the information you need from all their social media profiles. This is can also be applied to businesses. Are you on a trip to another country and want to try out the best in local cuisine? Search for it on Google and the top-rated restaurants around the show up on the results page in a matter of seconds. These businesses take the top place on the results page because of their good online reputation. For people new to the online marketing industry, the concept of online reputations can be confusing. That’s why in this article, I’ll be giving a list of some facts business owners need to know about online reputations to make it big in the online marketing industry.

Executives in the Fortune 500 Companies Value their Online Reputation

Executives of the richest companies in the world believe that keeping their online reputation positive is a must to keep their businesses up and running. In a world that’s becoming figuratively smaller because of technological advancements in communication, the demographics of each company grows in size. Nowadays, a huge percentage of business transactions, whether it’s Business to Consumer or Business to Business, are being conducted online. It’s evolved into something more than a trend now and the top execs can’t just ignore that. With the richest companies pouring more focus into the online marketing aspect of business, why shouldn’t you?

Online Reputation

Good Online Reputation Helps Your Company in More Ways than One

Another great fact to take note of about online reputations is statistics show that 84% percent of marketers believe that building trust between their company and their consumers will be the main focus for marketing efforts in the near future. Why not join in and focus on it as well? Anywhere you go, trust will always be the main factor that decides whether you make a sale or not. This is the reason why a huge number of marketers are doing their best to create a better online reputation for their company. Not only will it help increase the chances of making sales, it will also increase your chances of making more customers. With the speed by which information travels online nowadays, word of your company’s good reputation will spread like wildfire on the internet.

Most People Turn to Social Media to Examine Online Reputations

According to Pew Statistics, 4 out of 5 people state that they have received advice from social media platforms to determine what product and/or service to purchase when researching. This another great reason why creating a positive online reputation for your business is a must for any marketer. Social media platforms provide easy communication between different types of people. Think of it as the world connected through a tiny network of servers. It’s a place where all types of information about your company, whether good or bad, can circulate. Anybody can say anything, and what’s great is that you have can decide whether what people will say about you is good or bad. In social media, you need to be conscious of the content you share in your social media pages because no matter how much content you put out, if it’s not worth reading, listening to, and/or watching, no one from your demographic will care about it. Your page posts need to have a purpose and they need to be meaningful. Staying active in social media helps your company stay transparent with your followers, and it also builds a good reputation.

These are some of the facts any online marketer needs to know about online reputation. Online reputation can make or break companies that are trying become/stay relevant in the industry, and these facts will help you understand why that’s the case and why any aspiring businessman should take note.