Getting a job as an executive virtual assistant is as competitive as any other job out there. You need to update your education level as well as increase your presence online. In short, you need to work hard before you can sit in that cubicle and enjoy being your own boss. Here are the things you can do to get that virtual assistant job.

executive virtual assistant

To be an Executive virtual assistant, update your education

You may not need a license to become a virtual assistant but you still need education. Employers are looking for someone they can trust with work. If you have a good education, employers will find it easy to trust you. And, you don’t have to attend a real class. You can attend virtual classes to study MS word, MS excel and other such courses. After your studies, ensure that you are certified to handle whatever you have learnt.

Executive Virtual Assistant: Get Found!!

After you get certified, clients need a place where they can find. To get found easily, building a website is your best bet. Website not only markets you but is also show clients that you are a serious professional. Since building a website is expensive, you can choose to open accounts with some of the many virtual assistant companies.

Whatever your choice is, an account or website, draw the client to your strengths. After you win your first client, wow! them with your skills. As you start up, your aim should be to should your skills and buildup good reviews.

Keep in-touch with the world of Executive Virtual Assistant

People on Wall Street wake up and the first thing they look at is they business news. Why? The reasons is simple, they want to keep in-touch with the industry that butters their bread. In the same way, you need to know the latest happening in the world of virtual assistants.

With information, you always know what clients as well as competitors have been up to. You can do this by subscribing to blogs or checking out different virtual assistant websites. Information about your industry is power and it ensures you evolve. If you do not evolve, you will become extinct.

Aim to get Experience

As you start, your aim should be to gain experience not the money. If you prove to a few clients that you do a quality job, the money will follow. There are different ways of gaining experience. Firstly, you can volunteer your skill for free. The second way would be to take low paying jobs. Whatever you choose, to volunteer or take low paying jobs, keep your eyes on the experience to be gained.

Keep In mind that you are a business

As a freelancer virtual assistant, you are essentially running your own business. Keep your costs low as you start up. Ensure that you pay your taxes and that your books of account are up to date. See, it is easy to become an executive virtual assistance if you follow the above tips.