Data entry jobs in the Philippines are very common nowadays. If you don’t know what data entry jobs are, these are those that are very appealing to many, especially Filipinos, in so many reasons. One being is that to be a person who works in a data entry job, you don’t need to have extensive training and you can also work from the comforts of your very own home. Although it can be very tedious at times because it tends to be repetitive in the long run. Data entry workers must also value speed and accuracy because these 2 are very important to be able to deliver a good quality outcome and these two qualities are what attracts clients the most. Here are some of the different kinds of data entry jobs being offered in the Philippines.

Data Entry Typer is one who gets all the data from the source and types them into various computer software programs. In most cases, these data are from licenses, checks or tangible documents. There are different ways to input the data from these sources. First is a data keypad that allows the person to enter the information directly into the program and the other is a scanner which is a lot easier. This scanner is used to scan the information into the program and recognizes the characters and then inputs the data itself. The job of the typer is just to correct the data and fill the missing ones.
Another kind of data entry job is the typist who enter information that is used to make labels and letters or other form of text documents. What they use mostly is a keyboard and a word processing software to be able to create and edit these text files. Spelling, punctuation and grammar needs to be checked. The appearance needs to be checked as well so it is not mostly just about typing words into a document.

The last kind of data entry job to be discussed in the transcriptionist. This probably the most common one because a lot of people do this. These kinds of data entry workers listen to recordings or other type of audio files and then transcribe the heard information into reports or other written documents. They usually have a headset used for listening and pause and play the recording as they go about their work. They also proofread and edit their work a lot of time to make sure that what they put on the document was what exactly they heard and that there are no errors involved. Most transcriptionists work for doctors and in legal fields as well.

These are just some of the data entry jobs in the Philippines. These kinds of jobs may be easy to look at first but they are not in reality. One needs to be very patient and meticulous when it comes to details. There is definitely no room for error here so that the worker is able to produce a great quality content, thus making  data entry jobs Philippines known around the world.