Android Virtual assistant programs are tools that are able to understand your language and even respond to some the things you do. Most of the Android VA can easily be activated using your voice. Some of them, they use voice as their only form of input. Here are several VA programs that run on android.

Android Virtual Assistant

Android Virtual Assistants: What they can do

  • They can make calls.
  • They can send messages.
  • Sending mails.
  • Informing you one the latest news and weather.
  • They help you to make a search.
  • Launch apps.

Android Virtual Assistant: Artificial Intelligence Voice Control

Actually the name of this app pretty much explains how it works.  AIVC loves to talk to you. The free version has fewer features. The Premium version has the following features:

  • Assistance in navigation.
  • It helps you to manage events/appointments.
  • It entertains you playing your favorite music and videos.
  • It translates languages.
  • Help you to update FaceBook, Twitter and the rest.
  • Solves some mathematical problems.

Android Virtual Assistant: Skyvi

Skyvi is for those who love to talk. It not only understands what you say but is able to give a clever response too. It love voice such that when you say “Hello Skyvi” it is activated immediately and is ready to respond to your questions. What features does it come with?

  • When you get a message, it reads it aloud.
  • Helps you to find places.
  • Helps you to get directions.
  • It updates FaceBook and Twitter.
  • It has an easy to use car mode.
  • It has Voice Wake Options.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

This app is designed to get tasks done without using a keyboard. However, in all other aspects, it shares features with the tools reviewed above. As in it searches the web, sends emails, and launches app by one word. It, however, does not control the apps once they are activated. It has a hands free mode that enables you to use your phone as you drive.


It has four virtual friends who help you to get tasks done. The four friends are: Spoony, Brainy, Mary and Mei.  The program is great with entertainment but poor in accessing items that are not in a database. It features include:

  • It helps you set your alarms.
  • Read and update Twitter and FaceBook updates.
  • It reminds you of events on FaceBook or personal calendar on time.
  • Uses games, radio and videos to keep you entertained.
  • Searches for hot shopping offers.
  • Offer support for languages such as English and Russian.
  • Finds for hotel whenever you travel.

Easy Launcher

Its name says it all. It activates and launches apps on your phone as you command it using voice. It also uses voice command to operate settings like switch on WiFi. It features include:

  • Controls all kinds of networks such as WiFi.
  • Uninstalls and searches apps to be installed.

There you go those are some of the popular android virtual assistants in the market.