Virtual assistant tools are useful in making your life as a virtual assistant easy and fun. They are also important in bringing together virtual assistants from all over the world to work together. In short, they make working easy as well as enhancing teamwork. Here are some of the most important tools for VA’s.

Virtual Assistant Tools : Dropbox

After finishing your work, you need to share these files with your employer. The client may also want to share files with you. Dropbox is a revolutionary tool as it allows you to share files with anyone around the world. It also allows you to store your files such that you can access them from any computer, phone or tablet. This way, you can work from computer and from anywhere. What happens if your computer crashes? If you have your files stored in Dropbox, you can sit back and relax as it also acts as a backup system.

Virtual Assistant Tools

LastPass – In the virtual world, it is important to sometimes share passwords in order for some work to be done. Sharing your passwords with everyone may not be safe since not everyone is trustworthy. This tool allows you to share passwords with your team rather safely.

When you share a password, they can see it and use it but the password remains hidden or masked.  It is important to note that this tool is not 100% safe as techies and programmers can still crack your password. That said, it protects your password from your non-techie virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant tools: Skype

Virtual assistants are separated by land, sea and all obstacles you can think of. If there is one tool that comes close to face-to-face meetings, that tool has to be Skype. It can be used to talk to individual or even setup group meeting.

Using skype for group meetings make you feel like you are in the same room especially if the internet connection is good. It not only allows you to see who you are talking to but also share texts, screens and any other information. What’s more? You can record the meeting for future reference.

SnagIt – trying to explain to someone what you see on your screen can be difficult. SnagIt is a useful tool that allows you to take and share screenshots and short screencasts. It also has tools that you can use to highlight and emphasize detail to the receiver. And with a lick of a button, the screenshot is sent.

Virtual Assistant Tools: SweetProcess

SweetProcess is a tool that makes explaining and describing processes to be sweet if not sweeter. It is more useful for processes that recur. With Sweetprocess, you can take your team step-by-step through a process. It allows you to even add screenshots and screencast to emphasize the process.

Basecamp– This is a project management tool that is simple to use. It allows users to store files, tasks, due dates and appropriate discussion all at one go.  As you can see, there are many virtual assistant tools to make work easy and you should try them.