Ever since the reputation of social media and SEO as a market that can earn businesses a billions’ worth of sales and profit grew, the number of people who’ve become well educated about the industry grew. Along with these people came the opportunists who really just want to take advantage of the booming industry for their own selfish reasons. These same selfish opportunists now took their chance and now pose as SEO gurus, tutors, specialists, and social media marketing experts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are real SEO experts that exist in the world that really work their hats off to give your brand the online visibility it needs.  But there are some who only act like they know what SEO is all about, and in this article, I’ll be telling you how to differentiate between fake SEO masters and real SEO experts. Here’s a list of five things a bad SEO Agency won’t tell you.

A Bad SEO Agency Won’t Tell You That SEO Isn’t So Complicated

Yes, SEO marketing is data driven industry, and yes, it can get confusing sometimes, so proper knowledge about SEO is needed to understand what it is. But some bad agencies use this fact to their advantage by intentionally complicating their process of data gathering and make business owners think like SEO is as hard as rocket science. Sure, technical design becomes a huge factor when talking about site building, page loading times, proper site designs, etc. These factors have a big influence on SEO, and with the help of a credible agency, your company will not only stay relevant, it can be one of the most influential brands in SEO. But bear in mind that no agency, whether new or experienced, has a deep understanding of how Google’s search algorithm works. Nobody really knows, even former employees of Google won’t know what’ll happen next. To put it simply, yes, technical data plays a big part in the formation of marketing data for SEO, BUT remember that SEO is all about building trust-filled online networks, brand promotion, and online market awareness. It’s as simple as that.

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Nobody Knows How to Go Viral; a Bad SEO Agency Won’t Tell You That

There isn’t a concrete formula marketers can follow to make their content viral. Browse the top posts in whatever page you’re on; whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, etc. Look at all the pieces of viral content or meme and you’ll notice that it’s hard to differentiate what the difference is between the “hot” viral posts from the posts that don’t do so well. The bottom-line is that going viral isn’t something you can do intentionally. Try thinking of this; out of all the content that’s gone viral on the internet, how many of those pieces of content came from online marketers? There aren’t a lot of them, right? Now you know that when an agency promises your brand that they can make an SEO campaign viral, they’re lying.

A Good SEO Agency Doesn’t Build your Social Media Campaign Alone

In any kind of relationship, constant communication is important to make it a fruitful one. The same thing can be said about relationships between brands and SEO specialists. Sure, they can boost your visibility for a short period of time without any input from you, but keep in mind that those results will only be temporary. No, I’m not trying to say that SEO doesn’t work unless you do it yourself. All I’m trying to say is that if you really care about what your audience thinks about your brand, and if you really want that constant search traffic that passes through your page to last, you’re going to be spending a whole lot of time with your SEO specialists to brainstorm with them and come up with the SEO campaign that projects who you really are and what your brand is really all about. Remember that online visibility only focuses on what you do more than what you say. SEO agencies can only help you manage the message you’re trying to send your demographic, but without the added benefit of your skills in your niche, it won’t do your brand any good. A good SEO expert will tell you that, a bad one won’t.

They Haven’t Tested the Claims They Make

SEO requires a lot of guessing and assuming. You have to predict what the latest trends are going to be in SEO, unless you’re a big enough brand that can set the trend. Sure, SEO can be as technical as it can, especially with all the data involved. But you can’t predict what the next big thing in SEO is going to be. Most of the time, you just have to go with your gut and ride it to the end. So keep in mind that it’s okay to have hunches and beliefs in SEO; good agencies will admit that. It’s the so-called SEO experts that state their hunches and beliefs and pass them off to you as facts. Remember, trends are all about intuitions and gut feelings. If the expert you’re working with has more “facts” than hunches with trends, watch out.

They Violate Google’s Guidelines Most of the Time

In SEO, most of what you do is focused on two things: choosing the right keywords and attracting and creating good backlinks. And according to Google, any links that are intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in the Google search results page may be considered part of a link scheme. Those sites are then “punished” by getting overlooked by Google’s spiders in the web. But building links have a big effect on your page’s ranking, and it will always be part of the industry of SEO. An important fact to remember is that whenever it comes down to building links, it matters that your site prioritizes building links with other reputable websites. SEO experts who don’t pay attention to the quality of links that they’re building to your site will be setting you up for failure. So look for an SEO expert that takes Google’s guidelines seriously, and tries to find create a influx of high quality traffic to your website.

Remember that working with an expert/s that gives you the information you need for the partnership to work can do your brand wonders. Avoid any SEO agency that fails to give you all the information we’ve given you above because trust me, it will help you save and create tons of money for your brand.